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Cloud-X Whitening Cushion C21

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~IMOMOKO Cloud-X Whitening Cushion

Retouching color correction

Exclusive Soft Focus Powder diffuse elastic sphere can regulate fat, reflects external light source to achieve the soft focus beautiful skin, effective against grease and water, perfect modified skin, long time to maintain the natural bright flawless nude makeup look!

● moisturizing, soothing

Golden Ratio mineral microemulsion provide immediate moisturize, reduce skin temperature, purify the skin, while giving pressure, fatigue, damaged skin soothing and calming.

● Waterproof and sweat lasting makeup

To fit the hot and humid climate of Asian design, waterproof anti-sweat efficiency factor can be formed on the surface of the skin barrier structure resilient, effective against sweat and sebum, maintaining a long time without makeup and sunscreen effect.

● super high sunscreen SPF50 + PA +++ SPF

Comprehensive blocking UVA, UVB abuse, reduce damage to the skin.

● weather whitening care: Huang Jinliang white compound

Around the clock to give the skin whitening maintenance

How to Use:
1. Use smart puff picks from a wide range of facial area began to pat the BB cream;
2. To increase Concealer can beat one another flutter, to achieve a more perfect light through flawless nude makeup effects.

Made in Korea

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