IT'S SKIN - PRESTIGE cream ginseng d'escargot

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~~Contains red ginseng and snail mucus extract essence, effectively improve the skin texture. Provide nutrients deepened into the skin root to nutrient skin from inside out. Relieve skin tension and fatigue, making skin more elastic ~



* Snails eating red ginseng has amazing vitality mucus that can strengthen the barriers of the skin, to convey red ginseng saponin component into deep skin, thus enhancing the elasticity and whitening effect of the skin.
* The main component of saponin is the energy required for skin root to make up the skin firm. It's skin is Korea's only patented red ginseng eaten snail saponins company.
* Elastic snail mucus can promote skin cell regeneration, repair and improved damaged skin rapidly to restore clean and clearer whitening skin.
* It's Skin PRESTIGE D'escargot Ginseng Cream is a precious cream that has double whitening and wrinkles reducing effect cream.

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