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CLIV Revitalizing C I2PL Mask

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~•This intensive brightening mask sheet is infused with revitalizing vitamin C and various botanical brightening extracts on soft fibers.
•Vitamin C and botanical extracts provide intensive skin brightening treatment to pigmented, damaged skin for a more luminours and flawless complexion.
•Especially designed to fit the shin and the rest of the face separately, this mask effectively shapes up face and chin contours while facilitating the absorption of the active ingredients.

To Use
•After washing your face, apply a toner that is suitable for your skin type.
•Open the pouch and smooth the velvet mask on your face.
•Keep the mask on for 20~30 minutes to allow enough time for the nutrients to be completely absorbed into the skin.
•After the nutrients are completely absorbed, remove the mask and pat skin gently until the surplus essence is absorbed into your skin.
•Proceed with your daily skin care regimen using the cream.

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