SINIL PHARM Pain Relief Hot Patch DEFEN Plaster Skin n Muscle pain killer 40pcs

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~[Product Description]

Item: Pain Relief Hot Patch
Origin : South Korea, Sinil Pharm co.
Size: 4''  x 2.7''  Patches  40pcs (2.4g for each)
Active Ingredients: Decolofenac sodium

Unit Packing: 10 patches/pack , including 4 packs in a Box

It is not messy or greasy; perfect for sports, on the job, and after exercise.
[How to use]
1. First, clean the affected part and keep dry. Then apply the plaster to the affected part.

2. Peel patch halfway from the backing film

3. Apply the half of the patch to the affected area
4. Pull the backing film and press gently.
* Use once or twice a day. The effects will last for 6-8 hours for each application.

* Application after a warm shower or bath can promote better penetration of the ingredients with greater effectiveness.

[Cautions / Attention ]
1. Do not apply the patch to the eyes, mucus membranes, and skin with eczema and rashes.

2. Stop using immediately if you find symptoms such as a rash or itching after using this product.

3. Consult your doctor or pharmacist for instructions if you are allergic to drugs or makeup before using this product.

4. Keep out of reach of children. Children must not use without the parent's or guardian’s permission or knowledge.

5. This product should be screened from direct sunlight.

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